Leipert eSports left Monza with great results after the 12H eSports event powered by Cevrentic and 24h Series.

After countless laps of practicing on the days before race start on Saturday, team felt well prepared for the 12 hours multiclass challenge at Monza. Everyone agreed, a clean and safe race would be the foundation for a success but knowing this sounds easier in theory than it is in practice as soon as green flag is shown and race is started.

The teams finished qualifying with mixed feelings. While Marian achieved a good P4 for the GT4 Cayman, the TCR hadn’t the change to use slipstream from the competitors. Due this, P5 was the best they could make out of it. Even worse went the Quali for the GT3 car. They struggled with high track temperature and a lot rear sliding, so P20 of 30 GT3 entries was booked.

At noon German time, the field of 54 cars made their way to start/ finish line for race start. As the whole filed started in same time without some space between the several classes, it was very likely turn 1 will become tight, maybe too tight. The GT3 cars were able to manage it, but the Cup Porsches had some troubles, so the whole field needed to wait.

The TCR benefited from this, and could climb up to P4, while the GT4 tried to use the outside line through the gravel.

“I saw everyone was parking in T1, so I hoped to avoid contacts and gaining some positions if I drive through the gravel – We all know this wasn’t the case in the end.” told us Marc. He indeed could avoid contacts with other cars, but was overtaken by the whole GT4 field as well as some TCR cars.

The first hours went well for all cars. Only the GT3 had a crash at turn 1 with a TCR, which caused a penalty. All cars made their way up to the field, managed the traffic very well and good show good lap times. After 6 hours, just before sunset, TCR was on their way to Podium as well as the GT4. The GT3 entry could consolidate their Top 10 position. But everyone knew, with the sunset, the challenge would rise to a new level.

 The GT3 car was on P7 when they benefit from two crashes with three cars involved. So, just before chequered flag was waved, they came up to P4 which was a very sweet surprise!

The TCR car managed their way through, knowing P1 was too quick in this race and saved their P2 result – a great result for the car who won the 24h Nordschleife a few weeks ago.

The GT4 entry – also winning car of the 24h Nordschleife – had one additional moment in pre-last stint while lapping a TCR car. Braking for Turn 2, the TCR lost control and crashed into our GT4 and pushed it into the walls. One additional Minute of repair was required, but lead to P4 was big enough.

After 12 hours of multiclass action, Leipert won 2 Trophies and one 4th position which wasn’t expected from anyone of the team. “I am very proud of the team – once again! Within a few weeks, we won the 24h Nordschleife with two cars and today again a double podium plus a 4th Place for our team. Of course, you also need some luck in this kind of races, but it seems we are managing it very well!” sums up Team manager

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